Catch Up #2

At the farmer’s market this morning, I ran into my friend Meta who is also doing the #reflectiveteacher blog challenge. She has been so dedicated to blogging every day this month–and she’s written deeply personal and highly reflective posts. She’s a model for what I should be doing in this challenge. But, alas, all you get from me is another brief catch up post. If you want the real deal, go to Meta’s blog!

Day 11: My favorite part of the school day. I guess since I already blogged about how much I love the moment when students understand something that they’ve been struggling with, I’ll choose a different moment of the day. I love when I wake up early to read the texts that my students will be discussing: the quiet, the darkness outside my window, and just me and the text. I’m a reader, through and through. I love books and I love being transported into new intellectual, emotional, or geographic spaces.

Day 12: Teaching changes over the next 5 years. I would guess that I’ll continue to incorporate 21st century literacies into my classroom throughout the rest of my career. I’ll definitely continue my work in teaching with technology–I also hope I’ll learn more about digital humanities.

Day 13: Top edtech tools. 1) Visual tools like Glogster, Dipity, and anything that gives students the opportunity to represent their thinking more visually. 2) Collaboration tools like wikis which allow students to work together remotely. 3) Curation tools like Google Sites in which students showcase their learning in a portfolio (linking to Glogsters or podcasts they’ve made, for example, in addition to uploading essays and the like).

And now I’m going to work ahead a bit.

Day 14: Feedback for learning (I’ve tweaked their prompt a bit). The best practice I’ve adopted in recent years is typing out my feedback in a document and saving it to my computer–in addition to sending it to students. This has allowed me to refer back to what I’ve suggested students work on and follow up with them when they submit new work. It’s also allowed me to write stronger recommendation letters since I have so much of my response saved.

Day 15: Three strengths I have as an educator 1) I ask students to reflect frequently; I build this into my class 2) I know my students by name and try to make connections with each one of them 3) I take risks in trying out new things which helps students see the work I do to stay current.


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