Digital Humanities

Over the last few years, I’ve been studying Digital Humanities (DH), an approach to the humanities that involves using tools and strategies related to technology, big data, and computation. During 2015, I attended the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) where I gained an in depth introduction to DH. I followed this up by collaborating with my colleagues John Beynon and David Drexler over the last year in a faculty learning community at Fresno State. We were fortunate to work with a group of outstanding faculty who were also interested in learning about DH–and we hope to support each other (and our students) as we engage in the production of DH projects over the coming years. This summer (2016), I participated in the Feminist DH workshop at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) at the University of Victoria. Both DHOxSS and DHSI were key in helping me gain the skills necessary to create a DH project.

. . . which leads me to Julia Pastrana Online. I’m currently developing a website related to my research on the life of Julia Pastrana, an indigenous woman from Mexico who was a performer during the mid-19th century. This project provides researchers, artists, and others interested in Pastrana with resources they can use to more fully understand her extraordinary life. Although it is currently up and running, I’ll be adding to the site over the next few months. I’ll also blog occasionally here about the process of creating a DH project.

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