Digital Literacy Autobiographies

I am so proud of my students. Today, they finalized their digital literacy autobiographies, and they were so proud of what they produced they asked if they could share them with the rest of the class. We spent a delightful half hour as each student walked us through their literacy development.

Here’s what we did to lead up to this project. After I gave the assignment, I asked students to do a literacy lifeline (a timeline of their literacy development). Then, I asked them to create a thesis based on an examination of their lifeline–and then to write/discuss the six most important moments related to their thesis with a small group. Next, in honor of Digital Learning Day, my students tweeted a six word literacy memoir that got at what they felt was the main thread of their literacy development. I introduced them to both Glogster and Voicethread at some point–I told them they could come to me to get help, but that I wanted them first to try to figure out how to produce a text using the tools on the website. No one ever came, and this is what they produced.

Tony-Ely Arrizon

Raul Bonilla

Bria Borjas

Emily Borjas

Tawni Coburn

Stacey Escamilla

Jazmin Florez 

Cody Johnston

Vanessa Knight

Rene Mendivil

Lauren Petree

Kylie Rodriguez

Megan Valeri

Kimberly Witt

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