Gamification Prompt

I’ve just finished the prompt influenced by gaming. Here’s what I came up with:

Game on! For this prompt, you will participate in a game that will culminate in the production of a trailer for Ready Player One. The game will parallel what you’ve seen in the novel, in that there will be three levels of play with the opportunity to earn badges and XP (experience points) for different quests (i.e., using different applications). Ultimately, you’ll use what you learn to create the trailer for the novel in some format.


First Gate: to open the first gate, you must create an Edmodo account.

You are level one, and each badge you earn grants XP. In this stage, you should form a group (of 2-4) based on alliances and commonalities. Once you know who will be in your group, let me know so that I can set up the group in Edmodo. Familiarize yourself with this environment by clicking around. Then, start your quest. Once you gain enough XP you level up, meaning that you can get through the gate and work in level two.

Webmaster badges: Your first step is to decide who in your group will explore which applications: Wordle, Glogster, and Animoto. All of these are possible sources/ applications you could use in your video production. Once you’ve made something related to Ready Player One, post a link in Edmodo. Doing so will result in a badge: apprentice, maven, or master, depending on the quality of your work (see the guide below). Your group will also earn XP with these badges (see next item). Note: each application can only result in badges twice, but your group can choose any combination you’d like.

Reality Bites XP (experience points): In addition, you can earn XP for the following: knowledge of 80’s pop culture, dystopian literature, and digital writing. For example, the work you produce for the Webmaster badges might focus on some aspect of 80s pop culture that we see in the novel to gain extra points. 3-5 XP will be awarded for each iteration of knowledge related to pop culture, dystopian lit and digital writing. See scoring guide at the end of the prompt.

Once your group has reached 24-30 points, you have leveled up and will move on to the next stage (meaning no other points can be accrued and only 30 points are possible in this category). To open the second gate, you must achieve at least 24 XP.


In this level, you need to explore new applications: Voicethread, Xtra Normal, and Google Search videos. All of these are possible applications you could use in your trailer production (you could also use iMovie or a podcast). Once you’ve created something, post a link in Edmodo. Doing so will merit a badge–apprentice, maven, or master–depending on the quality of your work. Your group can also earn Reality Bites XP by focusing on 80’s trivia, dystopian literature, or digital writing. Note: each application can only result in badges twice, but your group can choose any combination you’d like. To level up and open the third gate, your group must accrue 60 XP (total).


Lastly, your group will make the trailer for Ready Player One using what you’ve learned. You can use any format you’d like (Voicethread, Xtra Normal, podcast, Google Search) but you must work together to create a 3-5 minute trailer that illustrates creativity, a sense of humor, and a deep knowledge of the ways that 80s pop culture influences the text. Once you submit the trailer, you are in limbo until I’ve viewed it. Once I’ve given you feedback, you can revise for more points (until you’ve earned 90-100 points overall). You can also accept your point total and retire from the game. However many points you have when you retire (or when the game ends on March 20) equals the amount of points you’ll get on this project. To gain the easter egg (i.e. finish the game) your group must accrue at least 80 points. Only 100 points are possible in this game.

• Apprentice: Satisfactory work (3 points)
• Master: Very good work (4 points)
• Maven: Superior work (5 points)


I’ll update points and award badges before each class meeting.

You can earn extra achievement points for your group during levels one and two by doing the following:

Discussion leaders: your group can volunteer to lead a discussion on some aspect of Ready Player One. The discussion must last at least 35 minutes and result in complex thinking. You must schedule with me to arrange the date. Value: 4 points. (March 11 or March 13, two incarnations)

Creator: Figuring out how to create a leader board all class members have access to that we can use to keep track of how many points each group has. To earn 3 points, this must be easy for me and for class members to use, private to our class, and linkable to or embedded in Edmodo. Value: 3 points (one time only)

Technology Whiz: volunteer to walk the class through one of the applications, demonstrating how to create more complex presentations than what we might figure out on our own. Value: 2 points. (one time each for Voicethread, Xtra Normal, Google Search)

Problem Solver: when we’re faced with a problem in class, figure out a solution which you share with the class on Edmodo. Value: 1 point (repeatable)

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