Multimodal Composition

For a final homework assignment, I asked my students to define literacy using either Glogster or Voicethread. When I required my students to use technology earlier this semester, I made sure to demonstrate/model–but this time, I only showed them a finished product. I told them that I was intentionally not demonstrating how to use each application because, as teachers, they will need to learn how to figure things out on their own.

When I came to class last Wednesday, the day the projects were due, my students were buzzing. When I asked what the experience was like to learn to do something on their own, everyone answered at once–and it was impossible to get them to take turns. Of course, I LOVED that type of response. Some of them had difficulty learning, but I overheard a lot of conversation about the process of learning something new totally on their own. Their smiling faces revealed that the frustration they may have felt at some point was overshadowed by their pride in what they created.

Check these out–I was wowed by so many of these projects! I think you will be too.

Aaron Acevedo

Isa Barrera

Gabi Brittsan

Marcella Camino

Gabriel Casarez

Oscar ChavezĀ 

Stephanie Correa

Amber Duval

Valerie Gonzalez

Matthew Kenerly

Briana Lucas

Tony Maravilla

Jenna Melford

Tuyet Quach

Denise Vela

Rolando Villareal





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