[This post is also published on my blog related to creating a DH project.]

When I attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, my instructors suggested that one of the most important ways to influence the conversation about my topic was to update the Wikipedia entry on Julia Pastrana. Makes sense since so many people begin with and/or consult Wikipedia when they research.

Today, I finally updated the Pastrana bio and, although it isn’t perfect yet, I tried to shift the entry so that it reflects a concern with her as a human being. In order to do that, I added information about her life, shifted paragraphs so that the medical/scientific discussions come later, and made that part of the entry its own section.

One last thing I did was add a reference to the best article I know of about Pastrana. In his BuzzFeed article, Tim Stelloh presents a story that reflects actual research, not just recycled stories that haven’t been documented.

It felt good to have a tangible result since I’m still doing so much of the preliminary work on my Omeka project.

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